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The Mom Enterprise

Mar 17, 2019

Welcome to The Mom Enterprise, a weekly podcast hosted by Kendra Martinez featuring working Moms who find a way to manage it all.


Episode Guest: Sitinee Sheffert

 Sitinee Sheffert is a social entrepreneur, blogger and speaker with a passion for empowering kids to make a difference.
She is the founder of Giving Artfully, a platform to connect crafters with volunteer opportunities, and Giving Artfully Kids, a program that inspire and engage kids to spread kindness through crafting-based service projects. More than 500 students have participated in her programs, donating over 3000 items to communities and charities worldwide.

 Sitinee has been a featured TEDx speaker and has also spoken at several conferences and parent education workshops and podcasts. She has been a guest blogger for Scary Mommy, Thrive Global and YFS Magazine and featured in Forbes.

 Sitinee is currently on a 15 month adventure with her family (5 kids and husband) living in 2 different cities to figure out where they want to settle down next.


Listen to hear more about Sitinee's story

  • 1:25 | Sitinee’s Family Journey and raising five children.
  • 8:10 | From Park City to Austin: deciding to explore all options.
  • 11:35 | What homeschooling really looks like and it’s advantages for traveling.
  • 20:00 | Having a good execution plan for moving and setting up.
  • 23:00 | Giving Artfully: what it’s all about and balancing family life as a business owner; involve the kids!
  • 30:00 | Exposing your kids to a wider view of what an artist or an entrepreneur can encompass.
  • 32:25 | What Sitinee has learned as a mother.
  • 38:00 | Finding activities to do as a family.
  • 42:15 | Lightening Round!
  • 44:20 | How to keep your body after five kids.
  • 44:48 | Maternity Policies and more.
  • 45:30 | Biggest Mom OOPS! Secrets revealed.
  • 47:20 | What’s next for Sitinee Sheffert.


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Producer: Kendra Martinez

Co-Producer/Editor: Lexi Burrows